Nano Coin Review - The Future of Crypto?

About this video

Nano (previously called RaiBlocks) is an ultra-fast, completely decentralized network. It has no additional fees for transfers and is open and accessible to everyone.

This video aims to give a basic outline of Nano and talks about:
  • A basic history of Nano
  • How Nano works
  • The developers of Nano
  • How the cryptocurrency needs to expand its reach in the future
  • Did you Know?
Nano is Feeless

Nano is feeless, which means that, whether you send 0.001 NANO, 1 NANO, or 1000 NANO, the full amount that you sent reaches its destination. Adding the fact that transactions are almost instant too, this makes Nano super user-friendly allowing for services like PlayNANO to provide clean and simple user interfaces.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, which force the users to pay fees in order for its transactions to be processed, Nano's fees are, and will always be 0. Other cryptocurrencies use these fees as a means to reward the nodes that are securing the network, but for Nano, this is simply not necessary. Nano uses an innovative consensus mechanism called Open Representative Voting (ORV) that simply removes the need for transactions to pay fees to secure the network.

Since transactions are fee-less, Nano could be a target for Spam attacks. To prevent this, Nano forces users to process a small PoW for each transaction. This prevents users with bad intentions to spam the network while allowing normal users to use the network freely.
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We have selected 10 random videos along with some very interesting facts about the Nano Currency for you. So that you can learn about this new amazing currency (or cryptocurrency).

But first, let's just make a quick introduction to Nano:

What is Nano?

Nano is a cryptocurrency, alternative to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As a cryptocurrency, Nano is a decentralized network of nodes that allow the execution of peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions between any two individuals, without the need of third-parties or authorities, like banks. Imagine digital coins and banknotes, that you can send digitally to anyone in the world, without the need of a bank or any third party service, as if you were delivering these coins in hand to the other recipient. The network is also cryptographically secure, which, simply put, means that no one can hack the network, or steal your money.

How can I use Nano?

To use Nano, you must have a wallet, that is composed of a private key, or seed, and a public address. There are many ways in which you can create a wallet. By creating an account at PlayNANO, a wallet (or address) will be generated for you. You can use that wallet to receive Nano and to send Nano to anyone you want, you'll just have to put their wallet address in the destination address, and the amount you want to send. PlayNANO connects to the Nano network and sends the transaction for you.

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