Netbox Browser Airdrop NBX Coin

About Netbox Browser

The Netbox.Browser is an application for PC and mobile devices, the main function of which, in addition to access to web-resources, is to maintain the functioning of the Netbox.Chain blockchain network. The Netbox.Browser is the first web browser that does not have a centralized infrastructure: all personal data of users belong only to them and decisions on the areas of development of the product are made by the community. The Netbox.Browser infrastructure is completely transparent and distributed, as it is stored without the use of central servers in the Netbox.Chain blockchain structures. An individual address in the blockchain network is assigned to each web browser; this address can store Netbox.Coins – the currency of the Netbox.Chain blockchain network. The larger the active audience of the web browser is, the faster and more reliable transactions are conducted in the blockchain.

All Netbox.Browsers are united in the Netbox.Chain blockchain network. Each browser is a node of this network that stores and confirms the truth of the network blocks. To confirm the truth, the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism is used, in which each member of the network (each web browser) can verify the blocks ensuring their truth with a certain amount of the Netbox.Coin currency. In case of verification of true blocks, the node receives a reward proportional to the amount of currency issued as a guarantee.

To verify the blocks, the Netbox.Chain network shall have as many online nodes as possible. To do this, the Netbox.Chain network encourages the users of the Netbox.Browser working online by charging them fees in the Netbox.Coin currency, proportional to the time of the browsers being online and the user activity in these browsers. Rewards are accrued in each new network block and distributed among the participants.

With the Netbox.Wallet, it is possible to store, send, receive, and exchange all the supported cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. For example, the user of the Netbox.Wallet can exchange Netbox.Coins to Bitcoins or USD. It is possible to top up the fiat accounts both using a payment card and by direct bank transfer to the Netbox.Wallet account.

* Learn more information at: https://netbox.global/r/mmo4me

Netbox Browser Airdrop NBX Coin

Step 1: Download And Install Netbox Browser

– Download Netbox Browser at: https://netbox.global/r/mmo4me

– Click on ‘Download’ to download Netbox Browser

– After download Netbox Browser succcessfully: Install Netbox Browser

Step 2: Register Netbox Browser Account

– After install Netbox Browser successfully: Open Netbox Browser then click on ‘Get Start’

– Enter Your email address, create login password

– Tick in box ‘I’m not a robot’ and ‘By signing up…’ then click on ‘Create An Account’

– Check Your email to confirm

Step 3: Create Netbox Wallet (NBX)

– Login Your Netbox Browser

– Click on ‘Wallet’ at top of page

– Save Your Private key (Seed key)

– Then create Netbox Wallet (NBX)

– To get Your NBX wallet address: Select ‘Wallet’ >>> ‘Open Wallet’ >>> ‘Receive’ >>> ‘Get New Address’

– You will be got 20 NBX  into Your wallet in few minutes

– Earn extra 9 NBX  after use Netbox Browser in 1 month

Step 3: Referral Rewards

– Click on ‘Referral Program’ to get Your referral link

– Earn extra 10 NBX Coins  per referral who install and use Netbox Browser in 1 month

Good luck,
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